Cute little city



I everyone!

How was your week?My, thanks to heaven, has been very productive and with many orders!

So… I wanted to tell you about my vacation in Venice.


In April there was my boyfriend’s birthday, after two weeks that i thought
about what to gift him(I assure you it was not easy) I decided to give buy a trip to Venice and spend a quiet weekend together.

Not wanting to spend too much, I tried in neighboring citys and I found a hotel in Chioggia, a small town a few kilometers away.

We had never been there, is a beautiful city! I’m talking about the historical part of course, the new area is not very beautiful. When you arrive there is a certain effect, it seems to be in a village apart, with rural atmosphere and people of the country side, then you make 500m and you are in the real city with the buildings from the 50′.

Fortunately the hotel was in the center of the historical part, immersed in the atmosphere. It was very pretty and cared for and people were really kind. As soon as we arrived we decided to take a ride for with the boat tour with a really nice guide, he told us many things that only the locals know and we have seen mussels breeding.

I must admit it was a very relaxing holiday and we don’t spent too much! (which doesn’t hurt).

My advice is: If you want to go to Venice, stay in Chioggia, it costs  less, if you look for typical restaurants and not for the tourists one. I assure you that you will eat very well and it is very pretty, take a ride on the canals at night, is very impressive .